Dr. Katlego Makgopa

Dr. Katlego Makgopa Dr. Katlego Makgopa attended secondary school at Phusela High School, Lenyenye (Limpopo). He obtained a BSc degree, Chemistry and Biochemistry as majors, at University of Limpopo, Turfloop Campus, Polokwane and BSc (Hons) in Chemistry at University of Pretoria, Pretoria (Gauteng). He commenced MSc in 2010 and PhD in 2012, at University of Pretoria, Chemistry Department, and both studies focused on the Electrochemistry of Energy Storage Materials for application in Supercapacitors. He started Postdoctoral study at the University of Pretoria after completing his PhD in July-2016, where he focused on the synthesis of metal-free carbon-based catalysts for the reduction of CO2 into liquid fuels, and ended in February-2017. He briefly worked as a Senior Lecturer at University of Limpopo before his full-time employment at Tshwane University of Technology in May-2017 as a Physical Chemistry Lecturer at Chemistry Department, Arcadia Campus, Pretoria. He has published his research output at various internationally peer-reviewed journals as both articles, book chapters, and presented his work at various conferences. His current research interest is in the area of materials science, energy storage, renewable energy and nanotechnology, focusing mainly on the electrochemistry of nanostructured materials such as nanostructures of carbons (e.g., OLCs, CNTs, Graphene, GO, AC), transition metal oxides (e.g., MnO2, Mn3O4, NiO) and redox-active N4-macrocyclic metal complexes (e.g., metallophthalocyanines, NiTAPc) with a view of establishing their potential applications in the development of electrochemical energy storage (i.e., electrochemical capacitors, and lithium-ion batteries) and conversion (i.e., fuel cells) systems. He has experience in employing a multi-disciplinary approach to materials characterization, which draws from a repertoire of sophisticated techniques that includes advanced electrochemistry and microscopic/spectroscopic techniques. He has promoted one BTech student in 2017 and currently supervising and co-supervising six MSc students.