Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmad

Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmad Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmad graduated in Physics from University of Agricultural, Faisalabad; and obtained his PhD from the Harbin Institute of Technology, China. He has been a member of COMSATS faculty since 2002 when he joined as a Research Associate to work on Fuel Cell Technology. Currently, he leads the Quantum, Optoelectronic and Photonic Devices (QOPD) Research group and have established a synthesis lab equipped with fume hoods, wet benches, glove box with nitrogen/Argon supply, hot plates, centrifuges, ovens, furnaces, solar cells sealer, driller and a characterization housing AFM, UV-Vis NIR spectrometer, Raman & PL Setup. The research facilities mentioned above have been established through wining research projects mainly from COMSASTS and Higher Education Commission (HEC) whereas as few more Research projects on synthesis of Optoelectronic/Energy devices (Solar Cells, Fuel Cells) are submitted to strengthen and enhance research facilities to boost the research area. Dr. Ahmad’s future vision for research aims at developing novel and low cost semiconductor materials for energy devices and sensing applications; and a fully equipped Photovoltaic research Lab at Physics Department, CIIT Lahore in particular. His research inclination mainly focuses on composite semiconductor materials and Graphene oxide; and probing if their optoelectronic properties is well suited for modern device applications.