Prof. Velumani Subramaniam

Prof. Velumani Subramaniam Prof. Velumani Subramaniam received Ph.D. in Thin Film Physics from Bharathiar University in the year 1998. Employed as Lecturer/Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics, Coimbatore Institute of Technology from 1986 to 2001. Worked as a Postdoc & Researcher in Solar-Hydrogen Fuel cell group in UNAM, Temixco and Mexican Petroleum Research center from 2001 to 2005. Later joined as Research Professor and Co-ordinator in the Materials Science group of Physics Department in ITESM, Monterey, Mexico. From 2008, working as full time Research Professor in the Electronics and Solid State Section of Electrical Engineering Department at CINVESTAV-IPN, Mexico. Recently won mega project of about 27 Million MN Pesos for the construction of water treatment plant using solar energy and nanomaterials. In 2009 won a very prestigious project to set up National Laboratory for microscope now named as “Laboratorio Avanzado de Nanoscopia Electronica” with an investment of about 55 Million MN Pesos and served as coordinator till Dec 2013. During the period 2009 to 2015 won various projects from CONACyT, European Union, Mexican industries related to bismuth Vanadate, Au:Fe3O4 core shell for medical application etc. Recently participating as executive committee member in the Coordination for Innovation, in the prestigious Mexican Government initiative on “Centro Mexicano de Innovación en Energía Solar (CEMIE-Sol).” Served as coordinator for international relations from 2008 to 2013. So far published more than 140 research articles in leading peer reviewed international journals with more than 1500 citations and have more than 300 conference presentations. Served as guest editor for about 11 special volumes of various journals published by Elsevier, Springer and TransTech etc. Presently serving as editorial board member in the journals Materials Science in Semiconductor processing, an Elsevier journal. Delivered more than 30 invited/plenary lectures in various international conferences around the world. Guided about 12 undergraduate thesis, 14 postgraduate (Masters) thesis and about 10 PhD student, and seven (8) students are pursuing their PhD under his guidance on various topics. Topics of research Collaboration/interest are:

  • Synthesis and characterization of various materials for fabrication of solar cells, especially CIGS, CZTS and Perovskites based solar cells
  • Synthesis and characterization of various nanocomposite materials for photocatalytic (BiVO4, TiO2, SPIONS and Core-shell (Au-Fe3O4)) and adsorption of heavy metals – for water treatment